Exhibition Photo Festival Naarden 2015

Exhibition Photo Festival Naarden 2015 at Paardekooper-Hulst (Light & Terrace Design) at the Arsenal. Water – a source of inspiration for many, as well as for me. The dynamics, shape and colour keep changing. I keep experiencing new encounters with water and the greeting is never the same.

“Tenderness of gentle ripples on the surface.
Strength as it pushes or shoves.
Water is alive.”

This year (2015), water is the central theme at the Photo Festival in Naarden. In this exhibition, in the Paardekooper-Hulst shop, I am showing the work I made in relation to water. Spirituality and mysticism are issues that I have worked on in recent years. My intention is to carry the viewer to realms of dreams and fantasies that emerge from the water by using images.

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About Jeroen G. Snel
My work is best characterised as portrait photography with an illustrative edge. I usually make my portraits on location, working from an underlying theme or concept, on which I focus to reinforce a certain atmosphere. My pictures often stand out because I want to show people a different point of view.