PAARDEKOOPER-HULST in Naarden-Vesting is your partner of choice for customised advice on lighting. A professional team of lighting architects led by the two owners Ton Paardekooper and Dennis Hulst know better than anyone how to provide advice on lighting that will match the style of your interior, the image of your property and in particular, your specific wishes.

  • Interior

    In the construction or renovation of your home, it is advisable to use the knowledge of one of our light architects at an early stage ... Lees meer

  • Exterior

    In addition to a lighting plan for your home, lighting advice for your garden can also be considered. On the basis of your garden design, ... Lees meer

  • Custom

    Our experts advise you to determine the dimensions of customisation. One of our light architects will visit you to determine the optimum dimensions of the ... Lees meer